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Yup, I am a software developer. I primarily work with Scala and Java, but I also like learning about other languages, libraries, and tools. I sometimes tinker around with frontend development, but I'm a backend/platform developer at heart. I jump at the chance (and challenge) of building software systems and services—especially Web applications—meant to handle floods of users and data.

The following are the languages and technologies I'm enjoying developing with the most right now:

Scala Programming Language Rust Programming Language Java Programming Language
  • Web and distributed applications with Scala and/or Java—and more recently, with Python
  • System tools and native applications—especially on smaller footprint computers—using Rust
  • Containerisation, primarily with Docker
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), like EC2 and ECS
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP), like Cloud Run, Cloud SQL

Some stuff I do and some stuff I did

Currently, I'm a founding backend engineer at Human, a startup that's trying to help people track their health—especially those with neurological conditions. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and am building a backend system using Python 3, with an attempt to keep things typesafe using mypy.

I was a lead software engineer at Limepay. Born out of the "buy-now-pay-later" boom, Limepay evolved as a fintech to become more than just another "BNPL". We were building things using Scala, zio, cats, http4s, tapir/sttp, and Google Cloud Platform, just to name a few.

In 2019, I was a Senior Backend Developer at ClearScore. Although it was an already established company overseas, I was part of the team that was tasked with bringing their product to Australia in 2020. We built a bunch of services in Scala using things like http4s, cats, Monix, and doobie.

Previously, I was a Principal Consultant at Simple Machines. As a consultant and software developer, I worked with and utilised the best technologies that helped clients solve the problems they presented to us. The majority of those solutions involved Scala, Apache Kafka, and the use of AWS resources.

Prior to this, I was a Platform Software Engineer at BiblioCommons. I did stuff with Java — mainly building and maintaining a SaaS, Web applications, and Servlet-based software with a mix of other Java-ish stuff.

I also worked at DoublePlay adapting the backend system of their mobile application to handle a much higher throughput of users and interactions. I designed and built the entire system using Scala and Akka.

Before that, I was a postdoc at the National University of Ireland, Galway where I also did stuff with Java (Hadoop, Mahout, Storm, Jetty, OpenRDF).

And before that, I studied and researched applications of logic programming — specifically answer set programming — in conjunction with theories in access control and information security (in particular with XML documents).

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