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Sean Policarpio

Software developer, among other things

Yup, I am a software developer. I'm a firm believer in polyglot programming and love to learn about new languages, libraries, frameworks, etc.. I jump at the chance (and challenge) of building software systems, services, and tools.

The following are the languages and technologies I'm enjoying developing with the most right now:

Rust Programming Language Scala Programming Language Java Programming Language
  • Web and distributed applications with Scala and/or Java
  • System tools and native applications—especially on smaller footprint computers—using Rust
  • Apache Kafka, especially Kafka Streams
  • Containerisation, primarily with Docker
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), like EC2 and ECS

Some stuff I do and some stuff I did

Currently, I am a Principal Consultant at Simple Machines. As a consultant and software engineer, I work with and utilise the best technologies that will help clients solve the problems they present to us.

Previously, I was a Platform Software Engineer at BiblioCommons. I did stuff with Java — mainly building and maintaining a SaaS, Web applications, and Servlet-based software with a mix of other Java-ish stuff.

I also worked at DoublePlay adapting the backend system of their mobile application to handle a much higher throughput of users and interactions. I designed and built the entire system using Scala and Akka.

Before that, I was a postdoc at the National University of Ireland, Galway where I also did stuff with Java (Hadoop, Mahout, Storm, Jetty, OpenRDF).

And before that, I studied and researched applications of logic programming — specifically answer set programming — in conjunction with theories in access control and information security (in particular with XML documents).

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Simple Machines Bibliocommons Doubleplay DERI

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